Episode 9

Published on:

31st May 2022

Action Research with Ernie Stringer

This episode brings you stories of action research from one of the most renowned authors in the field, Ernest T Stringer. He is the author of Action Research (Sage, 2007), Action Research in Education (Pearson, 2008), Action Research in Health (with Bill Genat; Pearson, 2004), and Action Research in Human Services (with Rosalie Dwyer; Pearson, 2005). Starting his career as a primary teacher and school principal, Ernie was a lecturer in education at the Curtin University of Technology in Australia. From the mid-1980s, based at Curtin’s Centre for Aboriginal Studies, he worked collaboratively with Aboriginal staff and community people to develop a wide variety of innovative and highly successful education and community development programs and services. 

This episode consists of a rich discussion around the story of Ernie Stringer and how he got involved with action research (3:33), as well as two of his more recent projects: the Breakfast Club, and the center for Aboriginal studies at Curtin University (13:02). The group then moves on to and the road ahead for action research (38:28). Later in the lightning round segment, Joe and Adam raised our all-time favorite questions around the what, how, and why of the action research (43:30). Tune in to listen to the full episode!



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