Episode 5

Published on:

31st Jan 2022

Introducing a New Segment: Voices from the field- Café Orígenes

We are excited to introduce you all, our listeners, to a new segment in the Action Research Podcast: Voices from the Field! In this segment we bring you “behind the scenes” of action research projects to demonstrate what action research looks like, in action. The aim of this series is to bring voices from the field to rethink the existence of knowledge in academia.

In this trailer episode, Adam and Joe discuss the first of our Voices from the Field Projects. Co-led by our very own Adam Stieglitz, Café Orígenes in Calca Peru is an economic justice action research project with the goal of collaborating with farmers in the Andean highlands to earn a better income for their products. Adam and Joe introduce the first voice from the field, Aaron Ebner, who is the executive director and a co-founder of Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development, a social change organization. Tune in to learn more!

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